Welcome back!

If you'd like a digital copy of the summer workshop handout for revision, you can grab it here.

Winter Workshop

The winter workshop introduces more HTML, JavaScript and how to use Codepen. The handout is available digitally here. The workshop slides are here for your reference.

Codepen for the JavaScript exercise

Codepen for the completed Javascript exercise (you can use this for the design exercise)

Cool Demos

These are just some examples of the power of the languages you're learning - each of these uses only HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript to do some really cool stuff! The best part is that many of these are CodePens which you can fork (like in the workshop) and play around with yourself. If there's anything that really excites you, take some time to see if you can figure out how it's doing some of what it's doing - it's a great way to learn! (Also, check out the other CodePens by the same people if you liked their work.)

Resources and References